Scene 34…

Taking a pawn.

Beware the troll lurking beneath the bridge

Beware the troll lurking beneath the bridge

Our hope is, that the expectation of the audience to this point focuses upon the real and obvious threat of a serial killer, for whom the clues are laid, as with all good crime fiction. In IANASK however… the answer is not to be found in this reality, rather we shift with one slash & bloody stab into the metaphysical world of a dark faerytale as might have been told to cause children to stay close to home in medieval times. A story where the main protagonists have been seen, but only now are they spotlit.

By the end of this scene, the ransacked corpse of one who won’t be missed has been hidden from view, beneath thick layers of winter ice.

The game is begun, its first move played without the other party knowing it had started.

One has played for thousands of years, the other is an absolute novice… it’s obvious who will win… isn’t it?