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From whence it came

Dan Well’s great book, where it began

Though you might be inclined to think otherwise, Where The Wild Things Are star Max Records is declaring I Am Not A Serial Killer as the lead in Isolation helmer Billy O’Brien’s adaptation of Dan Wells novel of the same name.

Christopher Lloyd and Laura Fraser (Lydia on Breaking Bad) also star in this tale of a young teen with budding sociopathic tendencies growing up in a midwestern town, where the boy’s fascination with death puts him on the trail of a supernatural serial killer lurking in his home town.

Now, I’ve had the chance to read this and see O’Brien’s early test footage and let me just say this is amazing stuff that I am desperate to see come to fruition. Though the story is significantly different, looking at it as a sort of young adult Dexter fused with Let The Right One In isn’t too far off the mark and this has the potential to be truly remarkable.

I Am Not A Serial Killer began principal photography at the end of February. Watch for more news as it becomes available.