Fun in Oberhausen…

Day II spent in Starbucks, who’s internet works and who’s baby coffee can be drunk endlessly without getting the shakes. Gord bless ‘em, they do provide a service to the dispossessed and cybernetically challenged.

Get-in this afternoon and a major Manny repair (that’ll be just a quick seven extra hours) I noticed the requirement for the repair last week and thought little of it, came up with a solution and ordered the parts… just a further beefing up of the skeleton so that it would withstand the ‘too much performing’ I do. But when I took apart the old fixings, underneath was a horror story of severely worn aluminium box section… damn, that was close! Now it’s reinforced with mild steel plates and I can wiggle merrily away, blimey… that section of Manny’s main mast could have gone at any moment; probably scene 13 (polar bears), or Fire King and we would not have got up.

I’m going home…

I never saw this coming, I could never have expected that I’d have a thirty six hour furlough, and I certainly didn’t expect that I’d have the money to do it. (thanks Malcolm) I’ll be in London for Ely’d birthday, so will Ely and Lillian and David and Carol…. floods notwithstanding.
Permission has been given, tickets have been booked on Easy Jet, plans for baggage made.

3SD without seeing…

The usual madness of performing before fifteen thousand.
Sort sanity by popping out to look at those who’d come to see… Loved seeing the kid dressed as Diego, the ones clutching plush versions of the characters, the little ones just gobsmacked as they looked at the pretty ice.

Backstage, we fought to overcome the vicissitudes of the primadona set, which decided to confound us again today… “No, I won’t open the video wall!” & “The platforms staying right where it is… thank you!” Plans ‘b’, ‘c’ & anything that ****ing works enacted… hoping ‘they’ didn’t notice. Leaves everyone one twitchy, as to what might happen next and achey, as we’ve got more lifting over platforms to do.

But there was one completely unexpected catastrophe…
Show 2, Scrat’s right eye fell out, leaving just a void, which ErTao tried to cover with a paw and Olga tried not to notice as she went through her Scratte gymnastic acorn seduction.

Wearing out…

Beast & Beauty

Beast & Beauty

I’ve been spending lots of extra hours on maintenance and repairs, not because I’m a misfit, but because otherwise the puppets would look like shit… they are wearing out. Though maybe it’s only my eyes that see the issues. Actually, I don’t believe that… it has more to do with lack of time and people. And my colleagues in Wardrobe have a routine on this show which deliberately includes maintaining at least one blind eye – after years of having been under resourced and needing to tolerate ineptitude.

But these are the stars of the show, the characters on the poster, the ones which everybody knows, the brand. Argh… I have it! …The one eyed blindness is an important company trait.