Requiring a blanket of calm…

This is a company that expects, neigh – demands that you give your all… that you arrive at the peak of your abilities, accept poor pay and conditions, tolerate incompetence on a regular basis and even give a blind eye to criminality, that you maintain the outward semblance regardless of conditions.
Well… it seems that I can.
Even when it’s bloody freezing.

Olga staying warm

Olga staying warm

At lunchtime… though there was no time for lunch, I had an interesting conversation with the transport captain, who was complaining that we needed to hurry up as we were a day and a half behind, which is peculiar as we’ve only been here for a day and a half.
And another… I asked when I’d have proper time to work with the latest Chinese polar bear performer nominated to perform Ellie (the second never before puppeteered acrobat I had trained to standard during the last tour was not brought back) only to be told that he needed to be in their kitchen as he is also the cook… and without him, the Chinese troupe don’t eat.

We toasted our return a little overmuch last night…

I think that the cold of the day and the frustrations encountered lowered my wine threshold, so two glasses in quick succession accompanied by conversation that was little more than griping about the twelve hours spent in the cattle shed rehearsal space and it was bed for the bleary. Then the Friday night revellers started returning to the hotel, the buggers were still shambling down the hotel corridors at six this morning… so not great rest.
Now back in the cold… Which I just spent two hours tidying as costumes props and cables had been strewn by a pressured and undirected crew.
Yep… I’m back!


No idea what time it is, or for that matter – what day.
Wondering where I am and will the headache stop.
Hoping that I can get my brain out of this mush.
Did do some late night shopping… a set of stacking stainless steel kitchen bowls and a ticket to Amsterdam. Probably won’t get to use the bowls till March.

Lesson Learnt…

No point going to bed… just drink champagne till it’s time to take Alice to the airport, then back to Aaron & Robin’s for a shower and a breakfast beer. Picked up by Toby & Sarah and delivered for my flight. ‘Am checked, tagged, scanned & coded and fed through the various barriers until I’m sitting by a window watching Portland disappear beneath.
And the lesson?
It is by making the journey that we ourselves are made.

Consider yourself lucky to have such marvels be real in your time.

Lessons Learned – day four

2am wrap again!

People in the general public believe that show business is glamorous… I can wholly attest to the fact, that it is anything but.
I’m bruised and aching from contorting myself, so that The Boy appears in shot and I don’t. However at least I can get up and walk around a bit… my assistant Alice – beautiful show girl from the Paris Lido, having trained at France’s National Conservatoire and applauded for her work by audiences in venues worldwide… is buried in the set for hours.

An insight into the business

An insight into the business

Lessons Learned – day two…

Shoot: 8am till 1am!

We had a visiter today… Toby & Sarah’s son Baz.

A moment of some weight

A moment of some weight

Nearly thirty years ago, I puppeteered Toby as ‘The Babe’ in the Jim Henson film “Labyrinth”, today I held his babe in a break between shots, on Toby’s film which has been supported by Jim’s daughter Heather. If you wait long enough…