In the meantime…

So one bloke with shiny balls is Cheryl Cole and the other’s Barrack Obama… amazing what you can achieve in a virtual world

August, with it’s long good-byes is fast approaching, and now the phone is really dancing off it’s hook with offers. Like Odysseus, I’m being summoned by sirens who would beguile and draw me… but I must stay roped to the mast, as the rocks on which they sit have been my undoing before.

However, that hasn’t stopped me from a little play… And here I am in the mocap lab at Falmouth Uni, making some nice young men do embarrassing things – just because I could.

One month to go…

Jack standing on David's shoulder

From a safe vantage, I could view the options

Might seem like a long time to some, but in Todd world; months fly.

Each day throws up stuff to deal with, each week has its major focus – be it home or abroad and the months that slip by leave us breathless.

So standing back and properly assessing what it is I have to do… developing the bigger picture, recognising the implications of ones actions, charting a course that will move me effectively to my chosen outcome… just doesn’t happen. I simply rush about, blind amongst the carnage of previous decisions.

Knowing this doesn’t help.

Manfred’s a little surprised…

“Are you serious?… Todd’s going to be in Ice Age Live.”

The designs I have seen for Manny are fantastic… inventive, advanced, true to the original and he walks up stairs.

Ice Age 4 opens in the UK this weekend – around me are parents planning their kids outing to see it. On hoardings, passing buses, shop windows I see the adverts.┬áBodes well for the Ice Age Live tour… just the 14 shows a week for the 2012/13 season to fill.

Opens in Wembley November 2nd

They said yes…

…enthusiastic, if a little trepidatious

Discussions have been concluded and the contract is being issued… looks like I’ll be touring Europe for a year.

And at a time when the world is going mad about us… with storms meteorological and financial… a tent (or in this case – an ice rink) to shelter in, seems like an awfully good idea.



Still waiting…

… wondering if I should start packing?

“Any minute now…” or so the thinking goes.

But agreement remains illusive.

And would you believe it… after a years long silence, several other sleepers are waking – shifting blearily and calling, in alluring tone from their various rooms, “Todd… we’re planning to shoot in October/November (etc), starting pre-production soon. Hope you can join us?” …and the needles twist again in my eyes.