Waiting for confirmation…

A picture carefully stored in my memory cabinet. In emergency break glass and sip carefully.

Trying to get my act together… to leave for a year, I’m finding myself frequently looking more intently at the clouds over Meldon, the characterful faces of local people. I’m hanging more closely onto the sounds of the village as it goes about it’s daytime business and at night when all else is still, there’s the river and the owls. And of course, tasting the air & touching the trees.

So long as they agree, I’ll miss four seasons here…

Ironic; in order to retain a place in Chagford, I have to leave it – no watching runner beans ascend the arbor I’ve built them in the secret garden, or walks by Teign witnessing seasonal change, and most importantly, no being there for my children.

All this I shall miss… but have no option but to go – there’s nothing else for it.

There’s more…

I now have a little more information.

No, they don’t need me to skate, hooray. I’m game to learn, but think it unlikely that I’ll achieve professional standard in 8wks. I have an image locked in my head of Manny passing camera at speed… two trapped puppeteers scrabbling for the zip, trumpeting loudly, before joining the wind section in the pit.

I’ll be training the team of 25 acrobats to puppeteer. They’ve never done anything like this before. The Todd-esque curveball here, is that they are Chinese and don’t speak any English. Lipsyncing to the soundtrack will be interesting.

The expectation…

I’ve been offered the role as Master Puppeteer on the European tour of Ice Age Live, directed & designed by Michael Curry, who created the costumes for the Lion King and Guy Caron of Cirque Du Soliel fame…

The position will be threefold :

To play the lead position in Manny;

To train the puppeteers during rehearsals and on tour; and finally

To supervise the maintenance of the puppets on tour.

…and by the way – it’s on ice!


Rehearsals start in Utrecht, Netherlands on August 24. Premiere is in London on November 2nd, touring Germany and France until mid-July 2013.